VIDEOSERIE – Spraying Bricks (London)

SPRAYING BRICKS ist eine neue Videoserie aus London die seit 22.12.2012 bereits 8 Episoden online gestellt hat. Episode 1 mit SMUG, Episode 2 mit 

ARTISTA x IRONY, die dritte Episode mit YEFF, Episode 4 mit ZOMBY DDS, Episode 5 mit INKFETISH, die sechste Runde mit ID-IOM, Epidose 7 mit JIMMY C und eben kam die Episode 8 mit BEN EINE dazu. Interessante Serie, viel Spass beim Anschauen

Spraying Bricks – Episode 1 – SMUG

An Australian street artist based in Glasgow. Since recognising his passion for Graffiti, Smug has quickly become one of the most talented street artists around. His high-quality murals demonstrate a photo-realistic style, and a careful and precise attitude to his work. Smug is inspired by the people he knows and whomever comes into contact with, creating thoroughly unique pieces that have been exhibited globally. The first episode of Spraying Bricks captures Smug painting the face of Louis Jensen, founder of Spraying Bricks. The piece was executed on the Village Underground, Great Eastern Street, in the heart of Shoreditch.

Spraying Bricks – Episode 2 – ARTISTA X IRONY

Spraying Bricks caught up with Kayleigh Doughty, aka Artista, in Cambridge recently, to film her collaboration with photo-realistic artist, Irony. The two artists met at UpFest last year and have wanted to paint a wall together ever since. Kayleigh Doughty has spent the past few years enjoying her life to the fullest, creating some amazing pieces along the way. It would seem that Kayleigh was always destined to take a creative path after winning a Christmas card competition at the tender age of 4; Kayleigh’s image of a snowman on a skateboard was sold in retail stores up and down the UK. As she developed into her teenage years, Kayleigh became known as the ‘wild one’ and was eventually refused entry to mainstream schools. This may have been a blessing in disguise as it resulted in her enrolment into the Brit School where she obtained her first A*, which became her local tag. After receiving her degree from Brighton University, Kayleigh entered into a global art competition which awarded her the prestige title of “The Young Tate Winner 2010”.

Spraying Bricks – Episode 3 – YEFF aka REEPS ONE

Spraying Bricks caught up with Harry Yeff aka Reeps One redecorating his Warehouse in Seven Sisters, North London. After spending the day with Yeff it was clear to see that his visual art influences his vocal art and vice versa.Harry Yeff is usually better known for his stage name Reeps One. Having played at festivals such as Glastonbury he has become better known as the UK’s leading beatboxer. His ability to hype crowds and shake venues with his vocal skill-set have become internationally acclaimed, placing him above the rest to win the Vauxhall UK Beatbox two years in a row and invited to the World Beatbox Championship. However, Yeff’s true passion isn’t his vocal art but his ability to apply his creativity to visual art. An original member of the Monorex team and a popular face of the live art battle Secret Walls, Yeff’s work is diverse from graffiti down to his trademark intricate illustrations. He has the ability to hypnotise the crowd through both sight and sound.

Spraying Bricks – Episode 4 – ZOMBY

Graffiti renowned for its underground culture has been long seen as provocative. It has since become a beautiful art form, albeit still illegal, it is a medium for artists to express themselves without restrictions. Many graffiti artists prefer to keep their identities and sign their pieces with a pseudonym. Spraying Bricks was privileged enough to catch up with one of London’s most prolific writers Zomby. A true well-established artist since the mid 80’s Zomby has been painting tubes ad trains longer than . His simple hard, sharp lined letters have bee copied by thousands over the UK in the past two decades. With his elusive canvases and infamous characters Zomby has made his presence known within the scene.

Spraying Bricks – Episode 5 – INKFETISH

Tom was born and raised in London, and has been creating street art for over a decade, building a successful career as both a muralist and illustrator. His love for Japanese animation and pop culture has seen him produce work for Pixar & Blue Sky Studios and publications such as Vanity Fair, Bizarre and Graphotism. His fascination with Japanese animation that drove him to grace the streets of Tokyo and create large murals for Manga Entertainment ad his own brand of visual iconography. You can find out more here at

Spraying Bricks – Episode 6 – ID-IOM

ID-IOM are a collective based in Brixton. Originally from the Isle Of Man, brothers Hugo and Sholto adopted their name from their late, father’s art supplies shop. However, their father was not the only person to influence them in their lives. Their mother was a seamstress, and their older brother was the person responsible for exposing them to graffiti culture. With a creative gene running in the family, it is unsurprising that Hugo and Sholto have taken the path they have. Since moving to London, Hugo’s and Sholto’s work has developed and progressed ten-fold, with unique techniques and styles which ensures that their work is recognisable and stands out from the crowd. Check out more of ID-IOM here:

Spraying Bricks – Episode 7 – JIMMY C

James Cochran, aka Jimmy C, is most know for his unique techniques in aerosol pointillism. James played a key role in the underground graffiti movement of Australia in the late 80’s. With numerous mural commissions and community arts projects under his belt he went on to complete his Masters degree in Visual Arts at the University of South Australia, focusing on urban realist, and figurative oil painting. It was Cochran’s love for graffiti and oil paintings which led to the development of his trademark ‘drip’ and ’scribble’ paintings, composed of coloured drips and energetic lines which form vibrant cityscapes and portraits. James has travelled the world with his work, from major cities such as Australia, Berlin, New York and Paris to London, where he now resides.

Spraying Bricks – Episode 8 – BEN EINE

On his recent visit to London, Spraying Bricks took the initiative and went down to catch the man and legend himself, Ben Eine, as he painted the walls of the London Newcastle Gallery and Shoreditch house, the two iconic walls he painted 3 years previous. Ben is in the process of moving over to his studio in San Francisco from the UK. However, due to Californian laws, Eine is unable to ship all his paint over to the State, so what better way to consume the stock than by painting in the city where it all started? Ben uses the words “extortionist” and “protagonist” to highlight the issues within society, that everything is not as good as it is portrayed to be. Ben Eine is one of London’s most prolific and original street artists. Born in London 1970, Eine started his career in the mid 80’s as a graffiti ‘writer’ and ‘train runner’, leaving his tag all over London and most of Europe. This developed in the transition from graffiti to street art to his distinctive typographic style. The bright colourful and large letters that Eine has created around the world has transformed streets in cities including LA, San Francisco, Paris, Dublin, Tokyo to UK’s small seaside town of Hastings, where he currently has a studio. From wry and complex statements, to bold and bright single letters, Ben Eine has become a influential figure within the scene. Leaving his mark worldwide Eine’s work can be admire on shutters and walls through to the conventional museums and galleries. Check out more from Ben Eine here: