Das Wall Trip Team hat sich für seine erste Videoserie auf den Weg nach Belgien gemacht. Mit Zwischenstop in Paris (Stencil Artist La Squelette) geht´s zur Tsunami Graffiti Crew (Eyes B & Sambre) nach Brüssel!

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Artist : LE SQUELETTE (Stencil l Paris)
WEB DOC l 11 mn l French + English subtitles
LE SQUELETTE (Skeleton) (Paris) | NOVEMBER 24th| Subtitles : English

In this first part we will meet with a parisian artist known on the streets as Squelette (Skeleton) . Interview, live painting and road trip are on the menu of this new rendez-vous with street and underground culture.

Artist : Tsunami Graffiti (Sambre et Eyes B) (Spay l Brussels)
WEB DOC l 8 mn l French + English subtitles
Tsunami Graffiti (Sambre et Eyes B) (Brussels) | JANUARY 26th| Subtitles : English

First stop in Belgium to meet up with the Tsunami Graffiti crew (Eyes B & Sambre) Brussels graffiti activists.Their paintings stand out with very particular style and techniques.
Tsunami is a good name for them, they pierce spray cans,let the paint flow in an organized chaos of color.They also love lettering which shows on the paintings they did for our show, a swirl of typography and a flood of colors….

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