BERLIN – ‘JUST – Letters from Aleppo’ – Fotoausstellung

Am 15.02.2013 startet im Stattbad Wedding in Berlin die Foto-Ausstellung ‘JUST – Letters from Aleppo’. Im ersten Teil der Ausstellung werden alte und neue Fotos von JUST zum Thema Streetart und Graffiti gezeigt. Der zweite Teil zeigt Bilder und Texte seiner Reise ins Bürgerkriegsland Syrien im Dezember 2012. Zeitgleich wird Release der neunten Ausgabe des REPORTAGEN Magazins aus der Schweiz gefeiert, welches die Story aus Syrien erstmals abdruckte.

Letters from Aleppo

Letters from Aleppo a show by Berlin-based urban art photographer Just, is curated by Open Walls Gallery and will open at Stattbad on the 15th of February.

Gerichtstr. 65, 13347 Berlin
Opening hours: Thursday-Saturday, from 17:00 to 20:00
Exhibition on display 15/02/13 – 02/03/13
Admission: €3

The first part of the exhibition will introduce the viewer to Just’s images taken in Berlin and various places such as Hamburg, the Ruhr-Area, Poland, NYC, Tel-Aviv, and Bangkok.

Just’s photographic work is a journey. He studied photography in Scotland where he also worked as a picture framer while taking photos of the punk- and squatter scenes that he was part of. One scene led to another, and Just then went on to focus on the graffiti and street art cultures. American photojournalist, Martha Cooper said: “Just’s breathtaking photos are dramatic documents of daring graffiti artists in action. Through them you can vicariously experience the danger and thrills of rooftop writing.”
His photos are detailing finished works as well as practice and getting into the intimacy of a certain scene is part of Just’s unique art process. The streets he had documented then, led him to the ones of Aleppo. In the same way that he was close to the street artists whose work and practice he was capturing, he joined the lives of the people he met in the streets of the Syrian city.

From documenting live action to reporting fragments of lives…

The second part is a three dimensional narrative installation: a diary reporting and relating a life experience of being immersed into another reality and into people’s lives. The installation is displaying letters relating this experience as well as photos that are illustrating them and a soundscape recorded by Thomas Rassloff, which assists in bringing the viewer in context. Both photos were taken in Syria last December and the letters Just wrote during his stay there, are displayed on large panels to confront the viewer with the written words, as much as with the images. They are describing a new daily life that is temporarily becoming his, being equally overwhelming. The opening of the exhibition coincides with the publication of those stories in a major Swiss reportage magazine, Reportagen

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