HIGHLIGHTS TV aus Schweden hat sich zum zweiten Mal mit dem guten alten KAOS in Stockholm getroffen und ein wenig geplaudert, erzählt wird nicht viel neues aber ist trotzdem ein schönes Feature geworden! Untertitel (englisch) wurden uns mitgeliefert und sind unter dem Video nachzulesen, enjoy

In the second episode (1st episode) of Highlights interview series you get to meet Kaos [VIMOA, TD]. Get a small glimpse in to the life and thoughts of one of Swedens most legendary graffiti artists. Painting his first piece in 1985 Kaos almost has 30 years of experience from the graffiti culture and still going strong!

0:00 I’m writing Kaos (Chaos)
0:05 and I have been painting
0:10 since 1985.
0:16 The first time that i tried using spraypaint I painted on a footpath. We bought some spraypaint
0:21 and went outside to spray on the ground. But we understood that we couldn’t paint on the ground
0:26 so now we wanted to paint on a wall. We sold some cookies to be able buying spraycans
0:31 and then we did a big piece
0:36 on the ice-skating hall in Uppsala. We wrote “graffburners”. The year was 1985.
0:42 This was back when graffiti was kind of a new thing among the kids here in sweden. I think that I was in the perfect age to start painting graffiti.
0:49 I was 13 or 14 years old and thought that the graffiti lifestyle seemed really cool.
0:55 I think that it looks really nice when someone is using spraypaint
1:00 so I think it was kind of natural for me to start painting graffiti.
1:05 I think that there is a risk with whatever your are doing
1:20 so I don’t think that there is such a big risk in painting graffiti on trains.
1:28 I think my style maybe is bit adapted to painting trains and the specific circumstances when you are painting doing it.
1:34 I like trains, I really think that graffiti looks good on trains. But that is just my opinion,
1:39 everyone has different opinions.
1:44 I have always been painting so it’s a normal thing in my everyday life.
1:49 When i’m not painting or working i’m usually with my family doing the things
1:54 that we like to do.
1:59 Graffiti has shaped my everyday life and the reason why I live like I do today is the graffiti culture.
2:05 My everyday life is about art most of the time i’m awake.
2:10 Like 90 percent of my time that i’m awake
2:15 I am thinking about art, trying to do art or make plans for new art that I wanna do.
2:20 Sometimes it can be a bit tough to get everything to workout, but in the end it usually does.
2:25 I think that it’s very important to paint canvas
2:30 to be able to develop as an artist. A lot of the things
2:35 that I paint on canvas comes from ideas that I have come up with while painting some wall or a train.
2:41 It’s the same when i’m painting a train or a wall. Then I can have ideas that has come up when i’ve been painting a canvas.
2:46 It’s a natural part of the life as an artist
2:51 to be able to paint canvas. And I think that it’s really nice during the winter to paint canvas.
2:56 For me it’s as important to paint canvas as it is to paint on walls et cetera.
3:01 I don’t think that you can stop painting on for an example walls and replace it with painting canvas.
3:06 I want to be able to paint a bit of everything.
3:32 I really think that I did a good choose to start painting graffiti.
3:37 Everyday i’m so pleased that I started painting.
3:42 Even though i’ve had some adversity
3:47 graffiti has always given me strength in the end.