LACOSTE L!VE – Honet Collaboration Shirt 2013

HONET aka HNT aus Frankreich präsentiert nach der Lacoste L!VE Capsule Kollektion 2011 eine weitere Interpretation des Krokodils. Für diese T-Shirt Kollabo mit der französischen Bekleidungsmarke hat der Graffitikünstler und Illustrator mit “Story behind the mask” eine Animation anfertigen lassen, welche die Idee hinter dem Motiv mit der Tribal Maske erklärt. Das Shirt wird ab April 2013 im Handel erhältlich sein. (via velvetliga

Honet, it’s a pleasure to meet you. How would you describe what you do?

I often ask myself exactly what it is that I do! When I’m asking for a visa I’m an ‘illustrator’. At a society dinner I’m a ‘graffiti artist’. In my head I’m an adventurer.

Have you always been that way?

Yeah, ever since trying to run away from school

Truancy to graffiti, makes sense! When did it start happening for you?

Thinking about it, probably three elements have articulated my career. Luck, experience, and problems with the law! I was lucky to meet the punks doing graffiti when the movement was in its infancy.

How did your collaboration with Lacoste L!VE come about?

Lacoste L!VE team hooked me up with a mini capsule collection for L!VE. It was a series in 2011 that was made up of 2 polo shirts, a sweater and a t-shirt that were exhibited in Paris. Also, I’ve got a new t-shirt model coming out in 2013!

Was it a challenge to adapt your style to the brand or find a story that would work with it?

We didn’t really need more than a week for L!VE and myself to work out the line and the drawings. We both knew what we wanted from each other and it worked out nicely. What’s great about working with a house like Lacoste is combining two different universes with strong identities that find common ground in Parisian elegance.

Talking of city personalities, this issue of our magazine is based around Tokyo. Have you been?

Yeah, twice! I made it to Tokyo this year for an exhibition at Target Gallery but my first time was back in 1996. At the end of my military service, The Army gave me 10,000 francs to I quote ‘make a good start in life’. I immediately used this money to conquer the Nippon empire. My goal was to see the other side of the world and be one of the first to tag it!

Would you say that Tokyo shares some common ground with Lacoste L!VE?

Tokyo is one of those prestigious and charismatic capitals like Paris or New York. When we think of Tokyo, a kaleidoscope of images comes to mind, where the past and the future intertwine moving forward without ever losing sight of its traditions. The same could be said of Lacoste I guess!

It’s an inspiring city. What would you say inspires your work?

There’s very little separation between my work, my passions and my life. I alternate between different aspects of my work (murals, illustrations, exhibitions, installations etc) travel, my nightlife misadventures the last inspire the first and vice versa!

Interview: Lacoste L!VE