VIDEO – ‘The Sound Of Stenciling’ [PAHNL]

Der englische Schablonenkünstler PAHNL zeigt in seinem Video ‘The Sound of Stenciling’ wie eine seine Arbeiten (‘And I’m Not Going To Take This Anymore’) schrittweise entsteht. 50 Stunden Gestaltung, 45 Stunden Schablonen fertigen und 1 Stunde mit der Sprühdose zusammengefasst in zweieinhalb Minuten. Für Stencil Freunde sicherlich interessant..

I have been stenciling since 2003 and I thought it was about time I gave people a little insight into how I work. Cutting stencils isn’t a spectacle, it’s done in solitude and so I think a lot of my friends, artist or not, will find this interesting.

The painting featured in the video is titled ‘And I’m Not Going To Take This Anymore’. Photos and more details about the piece can be found at

We weren’t sure what triggered it all but things suddenly erupted in the streets. We were mad without aim. Mad and bohemian. And loud, everyone was very loud. Some of us were happy about the situation, whilst others were only acting out of fear and some just weren’t paying chaos and cacophony any attention. Not knowing how long this would all last, we just kept shouting and kept pulsing, as if rain was some other minute away.

It has been three years since I painted ‘It Started As A Joke’ and I thought it was about time to paint a sequel. After 50 hours of design, 45 hours of cutting and an hour of painting, this riotous piece is now complete.

It seems there have been a lot of riots in that space of three years, from London to Vancouver to Athens and of course the Arab Spring. I thought a riot scene would be great fun to paint and now with it complete, I’m happy with how much has been packed in. Red, white and black is a great palette and it’s no wonder those Constructivists used it so often in their work.

This piece will be available soon as an edition of screen prints, at a more affordable price, as I recognize the price of this painting is too much for a lot of people. For those of you that own an ‘It Started As A Joke’ print, you’ll be happy to hear the print edition of ‘And I’m Not Going To Take This Anymore’ will use the same dimensions and be on the same stock. For the eagle-eyed amongst you, there are a few references to ‘It Started As A Joke’ in this piece, too.

Thank you for watching.