NEW YORK – Happy Birthday Martha Cooper

Vor einigen Tagen ist MARTHA COOPER aus New York 70 Jahre alt geworden. Neben zahlreichen Aktionen von Freunden und Bekannten gab´s an der Bowery Ecke Houston eine ganz besondere Überraschung für die beliebte Fotografin und Buchautorin. Die Graffitiwriter Faust, Terror 161, Freedom, Bio, Lady Pink, How & Nosm, Crash, Daze und Aiko haben dort eine schöne blockige “Geburtstagskarte” hinterlassen. Francisco Molina Reyes hat die Aktion dokumentiert! Happy Birthday Martha!

(March 9, 2013) At the corner of East Houston and Bowery in New York City, some of the graffiti artists featured in the seminal book “Subway Art” honored one of its co-authors. Photographer Martha Cooper was celebrated at a perfect surprise party with a special gift from CRASH, BIO, HOW and NOSM, LADY PINK, DAZE, TERROR, AIKO and others — a graffiti piece on a wall measuring approximately 80′ x 20′ that shouted “MARTY” in huge bold letters.

Martha was lured to the happening under the pretense that a preexisting How and Nosm piece on that same wall was to be covered over. When she arrived, to her amazement, Martha was received by nearly a hundred fans who’d turned out for the party to wish her Born Day felicitations, as well as present her with a cake.

Work on the piece commenced at 6AM and was completed around 6PM. The MARTY tribute will stay up only 5 days, at which time, CRASH will begin throwing up some fresh paint. His piece is said to have a Popeye theme. (NUYORICAN)