KURZFILM – Miha Artnak – ‘Childhood Pattern’ [LJUBLJANA]

Miha Artnak aus Ljubljana (Slowenien) präsentiert uns das Resultat seines Mini-Projekts ‘Childhood Pattern’ (Trailer) in einem 15minütigen Film bestehend aus einem endlosen Monolog und hunderten Oneliner Hasen gesprüht auf eine Wand die eigentlich nie dafür bereitgestellt wurde.

The “Childhood Pattern” project went down on a nice summer day, when versatile artist, designer and graffiti provocateur Miha Artnak started to paint a wall somewhere in Ljubljana (Slovenia). He tricked the owner of the wall with a fake authorization of the project saying he was sent by the Ministry of culture. By the time the policemen came to the scene the only official permission the artist had was a word approval from the owner of the wall and nobody knew what to expect.In this film Miha Artnak questioning life’s limitations and accepting responsibility with a his mindset.

Directors: The Miha Artnak, Tilen Sepič
Writer and actor: The Miha Artnak
Video production: Tilen Sepič
Mix: Felis Catus, žakpižon
Sound: Peter Žargi
Translation: Nika Jurman