VIDEOSERIE – ‘Midnight Marauders – The Lost Tapes 3′ [KOPENHAGEN]

Das dänische HipHop Online Magazin BOPGUNN hat bekanntlich Ende Januar 2013 die Videoserie ‘Midnight Marauders – The Lost Tapes‘ gestartet, mit Material aus Kopenhagen und den Jahren 2003 bis 2009. Teil 2 der Videoserie hier, Teil 3 aus dem Jahr 2007 ist kürzlich online gegangen!

This third episode of The Lost Tapes dates back to 2007. The material was shot just some days before the old Copenhagen S-train took off on it’s final voyage on the B line. Soten explains:

“When I started painting trains, DSB were already replacing their 2. and 3. generation S- trains with the model in traffic today, which is best know for it’s annoying shape and size. As the years went by, the eternal quest to paint the old model was intensified. 2007 was the year when the last old trains ended up as scrap and in the months leading up to that Elsam, Ruck and I weren’t doing anything but checking out, painting and taking pictures. This action took place two days before the final day in traffic and was sort of our last contribution to the 25 year long history of graffiti on these beauties…”

‘Midnight Marauders – The Lost Tapes 1′
‘Midnight Marauders – The Lost Tapes 2′
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