Barry McGee – Tagging | “Exclusive” | Art21

Das ART21 Team hat ein interessantes Artist Videofeature mit Barry McGee aka Ray Fong aka Twist aka Amaze veröffentlicht, gedreht im Rahmen seiner Ausstellung im Museum of California in Berkeley, welche einen umfassenden Einblick in seine Arbeiten der letzten Jahre gegeben hat. Das Buch zur Ausstellung haben wir hier bereits vor einigen Monaten vorgestellt. 450 Fotos, gedruckt auf 359 Seiten. Installationen, Throw-Ups auf Trucks, Whiskey Flaschen-Figuren, Geometrische Zeichnungen, Malerei. Für Freunde seiner Arbeiten ein Must Have in der Büchersammlung.

Filmed in 2012, this “Exclusive” follows artist Barry McGee through his self-titled retrospective exhibition at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAM/PFA). McGee, who became interested in tagging while growing up in San Francisco, describes the excitement of putting up new tags and the rush of getting away with it. Alongside his ongoing and intimate involvement with street culture, McGee has maintained an active studio practice, which he describes as being something “completely different.” These two disparate ways of making—and showing—work meet in “Barry McGee,” which was also shown at the ICA Boston.

A cult figure amongst skaters and graffiti artists, Barry McGee’s drawings, paintings, and mixed-media installations take their inspiration from contemporary urban culture, incorporating elements such as empty liquor bottles and spray-paint cans, tagged signs, wrenches, and scrap wood or metal. McGee is also a graffiti artist, known by the tag “Twist.”

Producer: Ian Forster
Consulting Producer: Wesley Miller & Nick Ravich
Interview: Bob Elfstrom
Camera: Bob Elfstrom
Sound: Doug Dunderdale
Editor: Morgan Riles
Artwork Courtesy: Barry McGee
Archival Footage Courtesy: Videograf Productions
Archival Images Courtesy: Barry McGee
Special Thanks: UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.