VIDEO – Endless Perspectives #05 – Melbourne [DOES]

Nach Station 1 in Amsterdam , Station 2 London, Station 3 Basel und Paris geht´s weiter nach Melbourne und dem fünften und letzten Video der Serie ‘Endless Perspectives’ (Trailer) des holländischen Graffitikünstlers DOES (Loveletters). Das Projekt wird aktuell in Melbourne und morgen (10.April 2013) mit einer eintägigen Pop-Up Ausstellung in Melbourne final präsentiert.

‘Endless Perspectives’ #05 – Melbourne

Sometimes you just need a little bit of luck…. After a 30 hour journey DOES and Strictua touched ground in a land down under. After initially losing the main laptop, luck proved to be on their side when the laptop was found and dropped off at the door of their exquisite residence. Infused with energy after waking up in summer temperatures, they had no trouble getting ready for a day out on the town and some serious site seeing. A meeting with Zvi Belling, architect of the ‘End-to-End Offices’, and a glance at the construction site, designated location for the Endless Perspectives show, quickly made apparent that plans had to be revised and changed dramatically. A bit of a shocker at first, but a great way to realise that it really all is just a matter of perspective: what at first sight appeared to be a hurdle turned out to bring about a new opportunity!

Exhibition opens on Friday the 5th of April!

Exhibition – Dates & Location:
48 Easey St, Collingwood
Melbourne Australia
Opening night: Friday 5 April, 6 – 10 pm
Show running until Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 April, 10 am – 5 pm

Camera | Strictua
Editing | Rube Parthoens
Production Assistent | Slam The Flap
Graphic Design | Tumki
Music | Blankeroy