AUSSTELLUNG – ‘Lineares Boxen’ – Ata ‘Toast’ Bozaci [ZÜRICH]

Morgen (11.04.2013) startet in Zürich (Schweiz) die Ausstellung ‘Lineares Boxen’ (The Trace) mit neuen Arbeiten von Ata ‘Toast’ Bozaci. Eben sind erste Arbeiten und ein Video als kleiner Preview bei uns eingetroffen! Die Ausstellung läuft bis 02.Mai 2013!

Ata Bozaci – Lineares Boxen

Boxing is a sport that teaches the techniques of fighting, but above all, it teaches fighters about themselves. The risks are clear. The sport is violent, aggressive, elementary. Relief, doubt, strength and weakness are written across the visages of Bozaci’s boxers, but the internal struggle is just as plain. These are men and women faced with their own fragility, their mortality even: fighters trying to find the will to stand up and fight again.

With ‘Lineares Boxen’ (Linear Boxing) the Trace Gallery presents the first significant exhibition of a recent body of work by the artist Ata Bozaci, aka Toast. ‘Linear Boxing’ is a series of portraits that has emerged from the artist’s direct personal experience of boxing.

Militärstrasse 76
8004 Zürich

 Thursday, 11. April, 2013 – 6pm
12. April – 2. May, 2013