NUG – ‘I am just trying to be nice’

Am 26.April veröffentlicht der schwedische Graffitikünstler NUG im Rahmen seiner Ausstellung in der Unruly Gallery Amsterdam ein neues Buch mit dem Titel ‘I am just trying to be nice’. Im Artikel findet ihr weitere Informationen zur Ausstellung und ein Making Of Video zum Buch

“This isn’t art. This is damage and vandalism.”
Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth (Minister of Culture, Sweden)

“A Minister of Culture should not decide what is art and what is not. As a happy reminder of this, I have a print of Nug’s Territorial Pissing hanging on my office wall.”
Paavo Arhinmäki (Minister of Culture, Finland)

These opposite reactions to Nug’s work show the heavy controversy surrounding his art. Some art critics strongly disagree with his spontaneous, yet vandalistic approach. Others see his work as modern day action painting and describe him as Jackson Pollock with a spray can.

Nug has been a well-known figure within the world of graffiti for decades. He has made a name for himself by spray painting countless walls and trains. Since Nug started exhibiting his highly controversial work in 2009 a heated debate was raised in Sweden. In spite of this controversy (or because of it), Nug is exhibiting and selling his work in galleries all over the world.

During the opening, 26 April 2013, the artist will also release his new book, designed by Undog. The artist will be painting and signing 70 books, making each copy a unique piece, available on opening night only, for €40. The first 10 people to purchase a book get an original vinyl record with Nug’s soundtrack.

For the occasion, Unruly Gallery asked former Dutch Minister of Culture, Hedy d’Ancona to comment on Nug’s work and the controversy surrounding it:

“A Minister of Culture is allowed to think a lot of things about about art and culture. That it should tempt people to watch or listen to it. That it should be relevant to society. That it should be critical; encourage change. But beautiful or ugly? Fortunately, that’s not up to the Minister to decide.”
– Hedy d’Ancona (former Minister of Culture, Netherlands)

Unruly Gallery proudly presents
NUG exhibition / book release / 27.April 2013
Cliffordstraat 26
1051 GT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

‘I am just trying to be nice’ is a book about the work created by grafitti artist Nug, published as a limited edition. This book contains the first true overview of Nug’s work: from exhibitions to graffiti pictures, video stills and paintings, it’s all here, all Nug, in all overwhelming intensity. This release is a collectors item for book lovers, graffiti haters and opinionated people.

Book release on April 26, 2013 @ Unruly Gallery, Amsterdam & May 4 @ Rönnels Antikvariat, Stockholm.

Design: UNDOG –
Video: Circus Family –, UNDOG & Nug.

Book available: