Im heutigen SPOTLIGHT stellen wir euch Marcio aka SWK von der Santa Crew aus Rio de Janeiro (Brasilien) vor! Enjoy..

Marcio SWK, a founder of the Santa Crew and a member of FBC and ACL, had his first contact with graffiti in 2000 on the streets of Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro neighborhood where he was born until today. Since then his work has left some parts of Brazil, Santa Teresa turned in her large gallery with several jobs open, it is not difficult to recognize his works, for anyone who breathes and admires graffiti knows! Single Brazilian invited to be part of The Exchange Project, where this project are tops World Graffiti scene. He exhibited his work at (a biennial international graffiti, Belo Horizonte 2008) (House Forum, Rio de Janeiro 2009) (Berlin Exchange, Germany 2010) /