VIDEOSERIE – ‘Versus Project’ – Episode 01-10

Die Sprühdosenmarke MTN aus Barcelona hat vor 2 Monaten das VERSUS Projekt gestartet. Für diese Videoserie haben die Spanier im Vorfeld ‘Hardcore’ 400ml Dosen der neuen Generation gesampelt. Graffitiwriter wie Egs, Amigo, Zmogk, Gris oder die VIM Crew haben dann ausgewählte Farbtöne in meist schnellen Aktionen getestet und die Clips dazu für das Projekt bereitgestellt. Die ersten 10 Episoden haben wir hier bei uns mal zusammengestellt, ein nächstes Update der Serie dann wieder im Juli 2013.

#01 EGS vs Azul Cousteau

What better way to open this new event than with EGS, one of the masters of european style from the last decade, with no doubt a good representative of the scandinavian graffiti scene due to all his merits and experiences. His own choice of color: Azul Costeau. 1st round…. Fight!

#02 AMIGO (TSK H.CO) vs Azul Christiania

Homie, Amigo, Homr… The names might change from time to time, but his style is unmistakable! Member of both crews TSK and Hawaii Computers and a writer with credentials that are impossible to deny. He was confronted with the color Azul Christiania and he showed us a peerless calm and graceful attitude while painting. It was a true delight too see Amigo use the Hardcore2.

#03 ZMOGK (TAD) vs Verde Cologno

The new “Versus” is here, and this time we get the opportunity to meet ZMOGK from TAD crew. It is not the first time time that the russian writer shows us his skills with the Hardcore2, as we could see proof of in the video we posted of him in the end of last year. It is a custom for ZMOGK to use a wide range of colors, and now its up to him to confront one color only. The Verde Cologno. Lets see what he is capable of…

#04 GFM Crew VS Violeta Geisha

GFM is one of the crews who most represent Barcelonas graffiti scene today. Este, Guan, Foner, Nimek and Sawe are some of the names of the group, and the same ones now gets put to the test in our latest episode of VERSUS. You can definitely say that these writers took the color Violeta Geisha to its highest level.

#05 ALE VLOK vs Azul Avatar

ALE is an extraordinary and singular swiss writer and member of the international crew VLOK. The peculiarity of this writer is his own personal and different style with influences very hard to define. Azul Avatar (Avatar Blue) is the color of choice that Ale will use to show his skills, and, on a quite charismatic surface: The train. Stay alert wile watching because the spontaneity of this writer is in a class of its own.

#06 BIZ vs Hardcore2 “Verde Rambo”

To speak of Biz is really to get down to business. So many years painting, and with a talent like no other. Not recognized enough looking at the fact of being a pioneer writer and a fundamental part of Barcelonas graffiti history. Verde Rambo is the color honored to be used by this king of style in our latest VERSUS. Biz, Hask, Juanma… We are short of words, but not letters.

#07 REIS Crew vs Hardcore2 “Violeta Profeta”

REIS is one of the most emblematic and most actively representing crews of Lisbon, known both within as well as outside of the portuguese borders. The constant search for more both in quantity and quality is what best defines this multidisciplinary group: trains, walls and streets is their main objectives, and they do it well. They chose the color Violeta Profeta (‘Prophet Violet’) to show us their skills and abilities as a team. As we might have been able to guess… the object for the mission was one of those classic Lisbon trains with the corrugated panels.

#08 PORNO14 vs Hardcore2 “Calabaza”

For our new Versus we brought to you the writer PORNO14 from Buenos Aires. Member of the crews 031 and Dosis, and he is one of the most active Argentinian writers: A true train and metro lover that also keeps up in the streets as much as possible. The place is Bolivia and the color is Pumpkin in a video, just as peculiar as his style is.

#09 GRIS1 vs Hardcore2 ‘Rosa Amor’

Lyon writer GRIS1 always spoils us with nice walls in many colors and with a lot of contrasts. The VERSUS project puts him to the test with only one color. ‘Rosa Amor’ is a perfect name for a color like this. The Frenchman pulled it together perfectly, and took benefit of the situation and dedicated the piece in homage to his loved one. A true romantic!

#10 VIMS crew vs Hardcore2 ‘Rojo Akari’

Nothing less than VIMS! Swedens most notorious crew of all times is here participate in our VERSUS Project. As we might have expected, the format for this round is metal: A Stockholm commuter train. The spirit of ‘Vandals In Motion’ stays alive, and just as sparkling is ‘Rojo Akari’ (‘Akari Red’), which is the color of choice of one the members of this historic crew. Most defenitely… ‘Vandals Emotion’.

Source: MTN World