VIDEOSERIE – ‘Midnight Marauders – The Lost Tapes 4′ [KOPENHAGEN]

Das dänische HipHop Online Magazin BOPGUNN hat bekanntlich Ende Januar 2013 die Videoserie ‘Midnight Marauders – The Lost Tapes‘ gestartet, mit Material aus Kopenhagen und den Jahren 2003 bis 2009. Teil 2 der Videoserie hier, Teil 3 aus dem Jahr 2007 hier, Teil 4 mit HOMO ist seit einigen Tagen ebenfalls online!

Back at it again! In this forth episode of Midnight Marauders – The Lost Tapes we are taking it back to a time when DSB presented one of numerous attempts to attenuate the volume of graffiti on their beloved S-trains: The G4S guards.

Like pretty much all other attempts they ever made to stop graffiti, this one didn’t work either. Homo explains:

“I think the first time they[G4S] took themselves out for a walk was in 2009, but I’m not sure if they started a bit earlier. To begin with there wasn’t a lot of people who even noticed their presence, so I don’t think they really changed anything, but after a couple of weeks there where some cats who got an extra work out.”

Did you have any problems with them personally?

“No, not really. Once I was painting alone in between two trains. I saw something from out the corner of my eye that wasn’t supposed to be there, so I laid down to see what it was; I could see someone who was walking around and looking down the rows of trains, but for some reason he didn’t spot me. So I just checked out what he was doing and I could see that he returned to his car pretty quick.I don’t think you can call the operation a success. I guess they caught a couple of people, but obviously it didn’t help much. Every time a writers stops, five new ones start painting, so I think it will have to take more than a couple of well dressed men to stop people…”

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