‘Pen & Paper’ – Nychos [HYPEBEAST TV]

HYPEBEAST´s Videoserie ‘Pen & Paper’ widmet sich in dieser Episode NYCHOS aus Wien. Während der kleinen Sketchsession plaudert NYCHOS über frühe Inspiration, seinen heutigen Stil und vieles mehr.

Drawing from his art, what goes on inside the racing mind of NYCHOS belies any serenity his peaceful exterior may convey. The Austrian artist specializes in painting and illustration, using highly colorful, often dissected figures as expressions of his imagination. NYCHOS points this motif to his family background in hunting, an early childhood experience that has since grown into one of the more graphic styles today. Hypebeast got the opportunity to sit down with the artist to discuss early influences, evolving away from working with acrylic to work with spray paint, and more. Viewers will even get a look at a custom illustration made for Hypebeast in this installment of Pen & Paper.