AUSSTELLUNG – ‘Radicalligraphy’ – STOHEAD

STOHEAD präsentiert seine große Leidenschaft ab 02.August 2013 mal wieder in aller Deutlichkeit – für ‘Radicalligraphy’ verwandelt der Hamburger Graffitikünstler die Schrift in ästhetische Meisterwerke, er selbst bezeichnet seine Arbeiten heute als “Contemporary Calligraphy”. Die Galerie RUTTKOWSKI68 Köln zeigt nicht nur neue Arbeiten von STOHEAD, es wurde auch ein kurzer Film produziert, der eindrucksvoll zeigt wie der Künstler arbeitet und wie die Werke für die kommende Solo-Ausstellung entstanden sind!

Stohead, has been in the game a long time. When he talks about the early days of his career as a graffiti artist, his narrative is dotted with historic moments that defined him, his works, and Germany’s graffiti culture. The 39-year-old artist, whose real name is Christoph Häßler, has influenced the evolution of German graffiti from a subculture associated with vandalism to a form of contemporary art gracing museums and private collections worldwide.

Stohead is best known for combining a graffiti-based style with classical calligraphy to produce letters that are at once figurative and abstract. Under intense physical duress, he paints letters in individual strokes, using broad-tipped, traditional round-tipped or homemade instruments to achieve an expressive work recounting both invisible and raw emotion. His approach – which is ruminant yet harsh, extensive and stringent – recalls a type of performance art. By all means, Stohead describes his style as contemporary calligraphy and terms it Radicalligraphy, a designation that explains both his method and his upcoming solo show.

Stohead ‘Radicalligraphy’
August 2 – September 15, 2013

Bismarckstrasse 68
50672 Köln
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Camera: Karla Lemus
Editing: Boris Castro