‘Sound Clash” A photographic book by Alex Fakso’

Das neue Buch des Fotografen ALEX FAKSO “Sound Clash” A photographic book by Alex FaKso” wird ab 29.08.2013 in London präsentiert und ist dann im Handel, ein Preview und Informationen zur Ausstellung gibt´s unten!

“Sound Clash” A photographic book by Alex FaKso”
Opening Wednesday 28th August 6pm – 9pm

Exhibition to continue from Thursday 29th August till Sunday 1st September between the hours of 10am – 6pm

This is the second exhibition of Fakso’s to be held at Studio74 and it will occur in conjunction with the Notting Hill Carnival allowing attendees to really grasp the raw nature of the book.

In his own words:

“These photos were taken during the Caribbean Carnival in Notting Hill (between 2009 and 2012), a place where carnival culture is very heartfelt and music is the central protagonist; Caribbean rhythms, ska, reggae and dub are just a few of the genres that are strongly influential in the British music scene.

Every year the streets of west London are filled with millions of people and the music takes over due to the many sound systems that are erected, some of which have been playing here for over 30 years.

My personal idea was to get very graphic images of the event, composed by parallelepipeds that I personally find very interesting for who they portray the context.

I took the first photos before said sound systems began pumping the music: the calm before the storm.

A couple of hours later the atmosphere would have totally changed and thousands of people would have been gathered beneath these sound totems which symbolise the street culture connected to the carnival.

Even though they are static and distant from my style, I find these photographs up-to-date because they portray the subject of street culture from which I take continuous inspiration.”

Since 1965, during the last weekend of August and in the area of Notting Hill, London plays host to the biggest Caribbean carnival in the world after the one in Rio de Janeiro. Millions of people from all over the world pour into Notting Hill to bare witness to the parade of incredibly coloured costumes. The festival was created by Caribbean immigrants (particularly from Jamaica) who settled in London, and it soon became a world-renowned carnival in its own right. Traditional dishes and drinks are prepared in the hundreds of stalls that line the streets. Every road has its own ‘sound system’ that pumps music at an extremely high level. The Notting Hill carnival isn’t only an event to witness, it is a huge party to which everyone is invited. The British don’t seem to particularly enjoy this event, just like they don’t love carnivals in general, a symbol of a warmer and more Mediterranean-Caribbean culture.

€20 – Italy
€24 – Rest of Europe
€28 – Rest of the World

For any additional information/images please contact:
CAMILLA MULLINS –, 02073287555

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