KÖLN – Cityleaks Festival 2013

Vom 02.September 2013 bis 22. September 2013 findet das diesjährige CITYLEAKS-FESTIVAL in Köln statt. Mit dabei sind Aryz, Clemens Behr, Hendrick `ecb` Beikirch, LowBros, M-City, Mark Jenkins & Sandra Fernandez, Maya Hayuk, Remed, Rookie, SatOne, Spy, Stohead, The Pony, Tika und viele mehr!

Cologne’s CityLeaks Urban Art Festival kicks off on 2nd September 2013 with a most diverse international programme located indoors just as much as outdoors. For their outdoor interventions artists will be provided with public sites that will be designed freely and legally. Outdoor exhibition sites will comprise of a number of house facades, gables, off-spots and public places across the Cologne urban space. In a single central festival site CityLeaks 2013 will present participant artists and their works in a large indoor exhibition. Apart from that, all creative processes during the festival will be tracked in a specially devised Process Room that will form part of the indoor exhibition. In its documentary function, this room attempts to keep track of various processes of artistic creation – from first drafts to final completion. In its interactive function, the process room seeks to map the urban space impacted by the festival. In addition to CityLeaks main exhibition a multitude of galleries, museums and art spaces in and around Cologne will join CityLeaks 2013. The Festival will be complemented by an exciting programme. In an interdisciplinary approach it wants to present current tendencies in contemporary art and urban culture. Theater performances, video mappings, movie screenings, open discussions, guided tours, music performances and happenings will broaden the colourful spectrum of contemporary urban culture and thus inspire a discourse about art in public space. Moreover, the programme will act as a creative mediator. Festival visitors are invited to participate in a one-week workshop, the “Urban Hacking Academy” – a workshop devoted to the theoretical discussion and practical realization of urban interventions.

Artists: Asbjorn Skou, ARYZ, AyaTarek, Boris Hoppek, Byram Tunez, Clemens Behr, Cope2, Cor5 & Heike Simmer, Debug Visuals, Dennis Freischlad, Diana Artus, Hendrick `ecb` Beikirch, GAIS, Klangfiguren, LowBros, Laurent, Impeduglia, M-City, Mark Jenkins & Sandra Fernandez, Maya Hayuk, Octagon, Raum13- Marc Leßle, Anja Kolacek, Remed, Rookie, SatOne, Sepe & Chazme, Spy, Sten Lex, Stohead, The Pony, The Wa, Troy Lovegate, TIKA, Odo Rumpf, Urbane Projektions-Guerilla und Zezao.

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