PAL CREW in New York City

Gorey, Horfe, Cony, Tomek, Saeyo, Mosa, Esso, Skub von der PAL Crew aus Paris waren vor einigen Wochen in New York. Neben der JKLUGHAUS Ausstellung (Lower East Side) wurden die Jungs von ACCLAIM interviewt und von Will Robson-Scott gefilmt und fotografiert

Esteemed English photographer Will Robson-Scott has long documented the uncanny styles of Parisian graffiti writer Horfe. As their relationship has developed, so too has their individual artistic pursuits. With a penchant for graffiti that borders on the fantastical, the PAL Crew’s stylistic absurdity is only rivaled by their ubiquity in the European landscape. The two friends have maintained contact over the years, and were recently reunited in New York City when Peace and Love’s Horfe, Gorey, Cony, Tomek, Esso, Saeyo, Mosa and Skub made a trip stateside. Far away from their first auspicious meeting in the city of lights, Robson-Scott shot and spoke with Horfe and the rests of his pals.

When did PAL form?

HORFE: PAL formed four years ago, I knew all those guys from around the neighbourhoods of Paris. They were all different ages, and after some time, party after party, we all came together.

How many people are in PAL do you think?

We’re about 10 people, but we’re close to each other. It’s not an open crew.

Who is in it at the moment, is there a roll call?

It’s just a load of friends who have fun transforming our letters into weird shit, transforming our shapes of our tags into something personal. We try to mix all our own styles together to give it energy. Everybody is ready for anything – if you say “Oh let’s do that spot,” we do that. People in Paris still enjoy spending time outside. So it’s so easy to spend time in the streets and push each other more and more.

Das komplette Interview und mehr Fotos von Will Robson-Scott gibt´s hier bei den Kollegen vom ACCLAIM Magazin Australien. Einen RECAP der Ausstellung in New York gibt´s hier bei GRAFFUTURISM

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