SHLOMO FABER – Neues aus Bulgarien und Deutschland

Neues von SHLOMO FABER aus Deutschland und Bulgarien: “In Bulgaria i continued to paint saints. They have saints for everthing – me, too. And in Germany in general the trains are still red – for sure enough space to paint”


double head – ying yang saint for everybody – dead or alive


double head – ying yang saint II for everybody – sleeping or alive


bicycle riders have a dangerous life in Bulgaria – they need a saint for sure !
Would be better even on each train, local Bus and taxi painted!


he says ” once i was the king of the national transport” – he rides the famous RVR train (old russian train ).
During the socialist era the national transport was mainly run by trains not buses ( nowadays) . the bulgarian train system in the recent years is more and more fucked up – because of corruption and stupid decisions by bulgarian train company … the old era of bulgarian train transport seems to be over . Trains are overcrowded , dirty inside, slow and always late. It’s a pitty to see how these idiots of BDZ ruin their country.


the two saints meet in the night on a typical bulgarian train

Der Lockruf

in English “Birdcall” … The train was calling me to be painted 😉

it’s hip to be an artist but it’s not hip to make art

Its hip to look like an artists , drink like and artist and talk like an artists – but producing art …. Especially forbidden art…

the masked youth

you and me know who the masked youth is. self protrait of a lost generation …

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