Berlin What? -102 contemporary artists

Die Gründer der Berliner Neonchocolate Gallery haben über CHS Books einen interessantes Bildband herausgegeben: »BERLIN WHAT? – 102 contemporary artists« zeigt rund 500 Arbeiten von 102 deutschen und internationalen Künstlern, die Berlin als neue Heimat gewählt haben. Das großformatige Kunstbuch ist in die Kapitel Painting & Drawing, Urban Art, Collage, Illustration und Photography unterteilt und ist zugleich Ausgangspunkt eines gleichnamigen Projektes, in dem die Bandbreite der jungen Berliner Kunst- und Künstlerszene in internationalen Ausstellungen und außergewöhnlichen Kunst-Events präsentiert werden soll.

Gezeigt werden die Arbeiten u.a. von 44flavours, Adam Admon, Aitch, Amos Fricke, Anastasia Coyto, Angela Mercedes Donna Otto, Ann Besier, Anne Michaux, Antonio Sobral, Björn Hegardt, Bronco, Christian Awe, Christian Manss, Christian Rothenhagen, Clemens Behr, Czarnobyl, DAG, Daniel Maria Thurau, Danielle De Picciotto, Danny Gretscher, Danny Kurz, Deenesh Ghyczy, El Bocho, Elisa Gomez Alvarez, EMESS, Enrico Nagel, Evelyn Hahn, Felix Gephart, Florian Bayer, Francesco d´Isa, Frank Machalowski, Frau Grau, Frederik Schulz, Galina Troizky, Gesa Glück, Golden Cosmos, Hara Katsiki, Herr Müller, Herr von Bias, Ink-a-zoid, Jäki Hildisch, Jan Feindt, Jim Avignon, John Reaktor, Jonathan Schmidt-Ott, Jorinna Scherle, Just, Karl Addison, Kata Lips, Kathleen Alisch, Katrin Rodegast, Kaveh Ossia, Kerstin zu Pan, Klub7, Lily Mae Martin, Low Bros, Lukas Feireiss, Marie-Lou Demeules, Martin Krusche, Matthias Gephart, Matthias Heiderich, Matthias Pilsz, Max Gärtner, Mentalgassi, Meyoko, Michael Kutschbach, Minon, Morten Andersen, Mymo, Nomad, Olaf Hajek, Oliver Rath, Oliver Wiegner, Paula Bogati, Peachbeach, Pisa73, Quintessenz, Robert G. Bartholot, Ryan Grees, Sabine Pieper, Sabine Schwarz, Saddo, Sebastian Haslauer, Sebastian Klug, Sebastian Neeb, Sebastian Schrader, Skizzomat, Stefan Fähler, Stefan Höderath, Stefanie Kabitzke, Steffi Lindner, Stephen Hiam, Stohead, Superblast, Sven Marquardt, Tim Dinter, Uli Knörzer, Various & Gould, VIP, Xoooox, Zeitguised und Zubin Zainal.

BERLIN WHAT? – Urban art, painting, photography, illustration and collage by 102 Berlin artists

In May 2010 we opened a gallery called Neonchocolate, a place for contemporary art that offered both young and established artists a platform for their work, irrespective of genre, status or curriculum vitae. The art was – and is – all that mattered.

Over three years later, we have collaborated with more than 250 artists and have more than one hundred exhibitions under our belts. We organized auctions, were represented at art fairs and now produce art events for companies and institutions or on our own. Today we continue to work with many of the artists and count them among our friends.

No more than two months after the gallery had opened did we started thinking about a book. Though the initial spark may have caught too early, we took to the idea and grew the flame to an ever larger idea over the years. The book is only the beginning.

We sought out who we thought to be the most interesting national and international artists – emerging and established – based in Berlin. Five genres. A large format. And a lot of love and elbow grease. A small special edition is also to come, followed by an exhibition tour, auctions and art events to introduce the artists in and beyond Berlin, because all of this diverse collection, compiled carefully over the course of a year for the book, deserves to be seen with your own eyes. Over five hundred intimate moments by 102 Berlin artists, captured in paper, wood, paint and canvas.

The book, being published by DIE NEUE SACHLICHKEIT, sounding the starting signal.
We are looking forward to the next leg of the journey and are excited about what awaits us beyond the capital. Of course, along the way we will continue to keep our eyes out for new talents and trends in Berlin’s fascinating art scene.

Uwe Neu & Oliver Thoben
(Founders, Neonchocolate)

Early bird edition:

The first 200 copies of BERLIN WHAT? include a free DVD¹
The book: Hardcover, 30 x 24 cm, 272 pages, approx. 550 partly full-page illustrations, bound, ISBN 978-3-942139-54-0
¹DVD: In The Belly Of A Whale; documentary movie about the young art scene of Berlin by Editude Pictures (incl. 3 unpublished episodes)

BERLIN WHAT? – 102 contemporary artists, 270 Seiten. 36,95 Euro, ISBN 9783942139540N, Verlag Neue Sachlichkeit Ch. Schroer

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