LONDON – Bomb The Box

Für das BOMB THE BOX Projekt wurden diverse Graffitisprüher nach London eingeladen um Schiffscontainer zu besprühen. Mit dabei uA die UB Crew, Sobekcis Brüder, Skil, Kaos, die DDS Crew, die VMD & MSK Crew…

Bomb The Box | DDS Crew (Zomby & Diet)

Bomb The Box | VMD Crew (Yome & Dizer)

Bomb The Box | Skil & Kaos

Bomb The Box | MSK Crew

Bomb The Box | Sobekcis

Bomb The Box | UB Crew


From Sunday 4th August, a huge 20 ft shipping container will be dropped onto the cobbled area outside the train station adjacent to a mall, where each Sunday, 2 artists will spray the box live for the public to watch them in action. The box will stay for the entire week until the following Sunday sees the next 2 artists take over.

Boxpark, 2-4 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6GY
6 graffiti crews, 6 countries, 6 dates
1st August – 8th September

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