REVIEW – Mural Art in der JVA Rockenberg

Roids (London), Score & Fence (Berlin), Horfèe & Ken Sortais (Paris) und SatOne (München) haben die Mauer einer Justizvollzugsanstalt in Rockenberg nahe Frankfurt/Main von innen grossflächig gestaltet, unten die Ergebnisse und weitere Informationen!


Inside Rockenberg — Art in a Youth Prison

We spent a few days in a German youth prison, the so called Justizvollzugsanstalt Rockenberg, to curate a rather uncommon art project.

Roids (London), Horfèe & Ken Sortais (Paris), SatOne (Munich), Score & Fence (Berlin) met in Rockenberg prison which is situated close to Frankfurt am Main. While the international artists were painting the well protected walls, a selected group of young prisoners were assisting them. In the beginning of the project, all participants were excited to know how it would end. Especially the security staff found themselves in a tense situation because of the fact that ladders and scaffolds were in use next to the prison walls. The artists worked right next to the inmates’ windows. This is why they had to deal with many rough remarks. Even the participating prisoners had their concerns. During the project, many amazing and meaningful conversations between the inmates, the artists and also the guards took place. (weiterlesen auf

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