Das Release des neuen Buchs von Won ABC, wird diesen Sonntag in der Ruttkowski68-Galerie in Köln gefeiert. Auf der Ausstellung, die bis zum 1.12. läuft, werden neben dem Buch noch Originalzeichnungen, Drucke und Skulpturen gezeigt. Einblicke in das Buch, bloggten wir bereit Anfang Oktober.

Infos via dem FB-Event: “ZOMBIELOVE follows the early bestseller COLOUR KAMIKAZE by famous graffiti artist WON ABC from Munich, Germany. WON is back with a new story about zombies and other undead creatures. Popular international artists such as HR Giger and Robin Pageare deeply impressed by WON`s unique and morbid style.

Part monograph, part graphic novel, the first half of ZOMBIELOVE is a psychedelically rendered comic, which trips through the apocalyptic end-game of the human race on the planet earth. The zombies show glimmers of strange socially motivated behaviors, such as painting on trains as they battle the Federal Terror Police. Meanwhile a utopian existence on the planet L.O.V.E. is unknowingly threatened by the spread of the zombie virus from it`s earthly confines. In the second half of the book, the real world chronicles unfold as laser sharp, detail-packed drawings by WON ABC are as fascinating as the eye-bleeding, color-drenched murals and train paintings he`s installed worldwide.

The exhibition shows original paintings, drawings, silkscreen prints, sculptures, zombie surprise and video work out of the book. or
Vernissage 24.11.2013 at 7 pm
See you my Zombie Brothers and Sisters
Ruttkowski;68 / Bismarkstrasse 68 / 50672 /


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