VIDEO – ‘Douces Rues’ Franck Duval FKDL

Estelle Beauvais hat ein schönes Artist Feature mit Franck Duval aus Paris gedreht, der französische Street Art bzw Paste Up Künstler collagiert alte Zeitungen, Sticker oder Poster aus den goldenen Zwanzigern zu Artworks (Art Scotch) Mehr Arbeiten hier auf seiner Website!

Franck Duval (FKDL) was born February 2, 1963 in Paris. He began to paint and draw in 1984, after a year of study at a school of fashion design (studio Berçot). For Besides, he taught himself. It tests several techniques, several media until 1997, during which he begins to stick all kinds of images accumulated over the years ….

In 2000 he chanced upon a technique for bonding transparent tape: “The Art Scotch” transparent tape and reuse the materials that they recycle paper in its own way. It takes a real pleasure to divert, deconstruct, break down, rip and tear. For this it uses much of magazines, newspapers, flyers and posters, it sticks, detach and reattach. Since 2006 and parallel to the tape art, a desire to display on the walls of the city grows to draw a series of silhouettes that dress collage of old magazines from the 20s to today and paint. This form of street art has since become a way to make his mark on the streets, cities and countries it crosses. His characters are based in the jungle and wild displays bring a touch of color in the gray day. The media and the way his characters are positioned equally important. He neglects neither the substance nor form, nor all the details and certainly not because he likes all that is hidden and does not reveal itself at first sight” (Source)

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