VIDEO – ‘Half Way to Nowhere’ – Risk, INSA, Meggs, Echo & Steve Martinez

Risk, INSA, Meggs, Echo und Steve Martinez malen irgendwo in einem stillgelegten Wasserpark zwischen Las Vegas und Los Angeles, das Video entstand an einem Tag und wurde für die aktuelle VERY NEARLY ALMOST Magazine Ausgabe 24 produziert, in der auch eine Story mit Fotos über die Aktion gibt.

A water park was built in the 1980’s to look like the 1950’s and abandoned in the 2000’s so there was a creepy aura in the air of a failed American Dream that once stood there. The scenery was blessed with Trustocorp’s installations prior to our arrival and had conveyed the dismantled dream perfectly through their placement and execution as they manipulated the old billboards into their own style. Most have seen this place on their trips to and from Los Angeles to Las Vegas but didn’t know exactly what it was and I had an itch to bring it to life. With temperatures reaching past 100F and the constant fear of getting killed by a tweaker I made sure each artist finished their walls within daylight and in one trip. Photos can be seen in Issue 24 of Very Nearly Almost Magazine. Sold here

Artists Instagram:
Risk: @riskrock
INSA: @insa_gram
Meggs: @houseofmeggs
Echo: @emeraldartstudio
Steve Martinez of UGLAR: @p17art

Models Instagram:
Sawa: @sawacide
Moon: @yourmoonbaby
Lass: @weejulietots
Suicide Girls @suicidegirls

Video/Photography: Birdman @birdmanphotos
Edit: Stas Lipovetskiy- @Stassy212
Music: “Creep In A T-Shirt” by Portugal. The Man @portugaltheman

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