VIDEO – Tom Herck – Compilation – 2012-2013

Tom Herck (Atek84) aus Belgien (15 Minutes of Fame Project) hat eine (zugegeben etwas anstrengende) Video Compilation seiner Reisen nach Portugal, New York und Serbien für euch. Das Material wurde dieses Jahr sowie 2012 gedreht.

Tom Herck, 29 and son of Belgian artist Jos Herck, learns to appreciate artwork since his early childhood. Ultimately, he took root in graffiti.

Because traveling has always been his second nature, he develops his style especially on the streets, walls and other public places in the countries of the European continent. Herck’s personality and temperament speaks from past ’till present throughout his work: it’s fast, fierce and well thought-out.

Herck delivers in an authentic way a mature and thoughtful blend of composition and colors, concepts and critical ideas, presented on mural and canvas, always wearing his recognizable mark. While examining his work, one can observe different influences as found in expressionism, surrealism, the conceptual and pop-art thinking-on-art. After a while, Herck uncovered his own unique style, mostly reminding us of stained glass, enabling him to further develope his reflexive ideas on modernization and delimitation.

Progressively, the object of Tom Herck’s art claims an active role, by which he uses the anticipated interpretation, the willing-to-know of the spectator and the urge to discover the gist of the case, as different methods to donate expression on a process of significant involvement on the artwork and its themes. In this way, the subjective “self” becomes the object of a variety of views on life.

Tom Herck

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