Urban Syndromes 2013

2 Tage URBAN SYNDROMES Dresden (Juni 2013) dokumentiert in 2 rückblickenden Videos von Laurence Vanryne. Fotos der beiden Tage gibt´s hier bei uns im Review oder hier auf Facebook

An incredible gathering of the finest urban-street-artists working allongside in quite a remarkable harmony in the town of Dresden, under the gigantic annual Urban Syndromes Event…
all the graffiti-artists insited to remain anonymous throughout the filming… thats the main reason why no names are mentioned when the artists faces appear…On a pitiful and unexpected rainy-day, the spike team had its occasional ritual on scraping off the thick graffiti-spray-sedimentaions of the walls under a bridge in the outskirts of Dresden (close to Ikea) At the same point in time & space, students from India were invited to anticipate in a Graffiti-spraying workshop…

The Spray-Odyssey moves on and even draws closer to it’s highest peak at the grand saturday at the Spike-Sanctuary in the outskirt of Dresden, in which all creative minds were gathered in an absolute collective blast of creativity…amazing things evolved throughout that day…
We also get a closer glance at the Urban-Street-photographer-legend Martha Cooper, who flew all the way over from New York to collect impressions from what European-Graffiti has to offer…and BOY, did she get something…!!


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