STOCKHOLM – Rask präsentiert und das Video ‘Rask – Not your ordinary tourist’ aus den Straßen von Stockholm. An dieser Stelle wünschen wir alles Gute für 2014 und bleibt uns weiterhin treu! ILOVEGRAFFITI.DE 2014

Rask – Not your ordinary tourist |

Since a few months ago a new name started to pop up in the streets of Stockholm. Hitting the streets with tags and throw-ups Rask made a name pretty quick and many guys asked “Who is this guy?”. We got this video in our inbox a couple of days ago, 10 minutes of bombing from Stockholm. It won’t tell you who this mysterious man is but if you like bombing you won’t get disappointed. And if you would like more check his instagram:

YouTube direct

Filmed and edited by: Ollie Nordh ( |

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