ARTIST – ABOVE Interview & Stickerpacks

ABOVE ist bekannt für seine ikonenhaften Pfeile, seine grossflächig gemalten Wortspiele und Schablonen. Nicht zuletzt jedoch auch für seine vielen Sticker, die wie es scheint in jeder größeren Metropole zu finden sind.

Anlässlich der Herausgabe eines bestellbaren Stickerpacks, haben wir ein kleines Gespräch mit ihm geführt:


Please introduce yourself.

ABOVE, 33 years old. I’m addicted to stickers, loud music, painting in the streets, Berghain, and Travelling. I’m 2.09 metres tall, 83 Kilos, Half African American, Half French, Half crazy. What else do you want to know?

When did you start making artworks in the streets? Why?

I was born and raised in California. I grew up skateboarding and got into graffiti from my skateboard friends. The first time I painted a train, I was hooked this was back in 1996. Since then my passion for creating and making public arts has taken me around the world.

Why do I do it? I enjoy the rush, the challenge, the feeling of achievement of seeing a spot, planning when to paint it, then painting it, and finally looking at it the next day.

You are very well know for your Arrows.. What are you doing now (Stencils, Slogans and Prints)?

Nowadays I get people that know me more for my stencil works than anything else. Perhaps it’s because these past 5 years I’ve been making a lot of figurative stencils? I grew up painting traditional graffiti with letters. The word/play works are also another extension of what I like to do. To be honest my style, and approach to painting a wall depends on many factors of size and how much time I have to paint it on the wall.

We find your Stickers all over Europe, England, and the United States – are you putting them up yourself? Were does this obsession come from?

I’d say about 99.4% of all the Above stickers you see in the street I put up myself. When visiting friends in foreign countries I like to hook them up with stickers as souvenirs. Perhaps they put these up? I’m not sure as I’ve probably already left the country by then.

This obsession comes from my general interest to walk around a city. I enjoy getting lost in a big city. Being lost in Mid-town Manhattan, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Hackney, London, Belleville, Paris, West Hollywood, Los Angeles with a backpack full of stickers is my idea of a great time.

Tell us about your Sticker-Packs!

For these previous 5+ years I’ve had a lot of emails from people who wanted some stickers. I finally decided to make a sticker pack for my fans. This is the first time I’m doing this and I wanted the price of the packs to be as affordable as possible. The cost of $9.95 basically covers the cost of the stickers and the packaging. I wanted to make them as affordable as possible for everyone. There are only 500 sticker packs being made and the limit per person to purchase is 25 pack limit!

I’m giving away a lot of extras in the packs. If you’re one of the first 100 people to purchase you get a hand signed sticker + and metal Above arrow button badge.

The first 250 people get a metal Above button badge included free in the package.

For all the packages I’m randomly inserting 3 ‘Golden Tickets’ into the sticker packs. IF you find a golden ticket in your sticker pack you will win a free signed print of my ‘Funny Farm’ Print.

On your Website it seems that you are a constant Traveller. Any future Plans?

I’m planning a nice S.E. Asia tour starting in April with my brother JUST from Berlin. This tour will be a new adventure as I’ve not yet been to this part of the world.


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