Direkt nach dem dritten Kurzfilm ist nun auch die dritte Ausgabe des Webzines LUX aus St.Petersburg (Russland) online. In der Ausgabe finden sich uA Specials mit der SLUT Crew und Reisereportagen aus Berlin und Vilnius (Litauen). 94 Seiten Silber, Straße, Line, Farbe.

In the next issue we continue to present you what‘s happening with graffiti in our city .Of course this edition covers only part of the Petersburg grooves. The main idea or accent move on the street culture: tags , throwies, flops or colour and chrome walls, productions . Well of course, all this is complemented with our flicks and party lifestyle. This issue focuses on the pieces along the train lines. Why? In our opinion , fresh and well pieces found there are much easier as a permanent buff kills the desire to make the city dangerous places .A some pieces in the centers generally provide graffiti is not the best impression .Also we continue to develop individual magazine topics , in order to represent you with some good writers and show that you may have never seen . “Back to Basics “- heading with pieces of old time.” Fresh Blood “- a section of young writers , is rapidly gaining momentum and visible in Streets. Several pages are devoted with some writers such as Mays from 34 and Boeck from OGZ, as well as an interesting collection of Slut crew. And of course , travel : report with trips to Berlin and Vilnius !

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