VIDEO – Bay Area Graffiti: The early Years

Auf KQED ist die Tage ein knapp 10-minütiges Video erschienen, indem dargestellt wird, wie Graffiti von den Zügen New York´s seinen Weg auf die Wände der Bay Area um San Francisco fand. Neben einem Interview mit NEON sind zahlreiche Burner aus den Anfangsjahren zu sehen!

Graffiti is a polarizing art form. Many appreciate its boldness and the vibrant color it adds to the urban landscape while others admonish it as vandalism. As graffiti spread from New York City throughout the United States in the 1980s, regional styles and techniques were adapted and remixed. As graffiti artist Neon explains, most graffiti in New York was on trains, while Bay Area artists focused on outdoor walls.

In this episode of Art School, Neon discusses the pioneers of Bay Area graffiti, the most popular places to paint, and the styles that originated locally. He also talks about the PBS film Style Wars, which had a big impact on artists around the country.

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