KÖLN – ‘Terrible Horrible’ – Mark Jenkins – Ruttkowski68

In Köln läuft seit 04.April 2014 eine Solo-Ausstellung mit neuen Arbeiten von Mark Jenkins, unter dem Titel ‘Terrible Horrible’ in der Ruttkowski68. Hier ein Video der Ausstellung inkl Interview mit dem Künstler. Mehr zur Ausstellung hier auf

Mark Jenkins is blessed by serendipity. While fiddling with a roll of packing tape one day about ten years ago, he suddenly recognized its potential as a sculpting material. Since then, he has been creating life-sized and life-like sculptures made from tape.

Jenkins’s work is so realistic that it’s almost impossible to discern, until you get close enough, whether the figure standing on top of a roof, sitting alone in a corner or jutting out of a garbage can is a human or a sculpture. The possibilities that can be achieved through his technique are almost limitless. What is certain is that the American artist uses humor to create themes from social issues, turning streets into theater in which authorities such as the fire department unwittingly serve as extras. Thus, Jenkins’s work is probably best described as reality hacking.

Video + Interview: Wertical
Edit: The Factory

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