VIDEO – KATSU´s Drone Paintings

Graffitikünstler KATSU aus den USA versucht sich in diesem Video an Leinwandarbeiten mit einer Drohne, ein erster experimenteller Ansatz:

KATSU im Interview über Leinwandarbeiten mit einer Drohne:

There’s a much deeper meaning for me personally with this drone and these paintings, where they are going and what they mean to me artistically. I think drones are becoming this extension of human beings in the same way that we’re growing so close to our smartphones and devices. Think about how much time we spend in the user interfaces and online and on social media and staring at pixels, using this technology everyday. Drones are becoming a physical extension of what’s happening right now with Moore’s Law and the rapid advancement of these technologies.

I feel like drones are the thing I’ve been waiting for my whole life. They’re these magical devices that can accomplish these incredible things. These cynical people are like ‘oh yeah, whatever’ but really I think deep down it’s really magical what drones represent and what they can actually accomplish and do for human beings.

It’s really exciting to see and understand and think about what it means that many of the aesthetic decisions in these paintings are not my decisions. They’re these collaborative decisions with this technology. What does it mean that I’m able to be throwing these strokes up and across a canvas that is 30 feet wide and is suspended 25 feet in the air? Painting in these ways just wasn’t previously possible. It’s like the drone is some kind of fairy helper.

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