BERLIN – ‘Saucisse Curry’ Ausstellung – Urban Spree

Anfang Mai wird Urban Spree seine kommende Street Art, bzw. Graffiti Ausstellung Saucisse Curry präsentieren. Saucisse Curry möchte die Entwicklung und Wandlung von Graffiti-Writern zeigen, die ihre Kunst von der Wand zur Leinwand ausführen.

Die Ausstellung stellt acht Graffiti-Writer vor, die alle in Paris ihre künstlerischen Spuren hinterlassen haben, darunter unter anderem Horfee, Keno, Ilk, Yeemd… Und den Urban-Fotografen Thorfine.

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It has always seemed to be that Graffiti has appeared to receive more recognition and appreciation by the urban population, while the point of view towards Graffiti has greatly evolved in recent years. Also while galleries have opened their doors for illustration-, comic- and common street art for some time now, Graffiti and its prolific writing style still haven’t found a place in closed gallery rooms yet.

Urban Spree will present an exhibition about French Graffiti scene to the public of Berlin. The exhibition Saucisse Curry will showcase 8 artists, including Horfee, Keno, Ilk, Yeemd, Bruce, Mina, 2shy and Sexy, all of have left their creative marks in Paris. Moreover the photographer Thorfine will present his works, which captured the actions of many Graffiti artists.

Saucisse Curry, the French translation for the typical cliché of Berlin Junk-food ‘Currywurst’ is the exhibit title with which the group will show their works for the first time in the German capital.

Group Show Vernissage: Saturday, May 9th from 19:00
Exhibition: 09.05.14 – 01.06.14
Tuesday – Sunday: 12:00 – 19:00 | Free Entrance

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