STREETS – ‘The Protesters’ – DAVE THE CHIMP

DAVE THE CHIMP stellt sein neues interaktives Projekt “The Protesters” vor!

The Human Beans are back!
And this time they have something to say!

While dealing with my taxes last month I realised I work one day out of every week for the Government. With that in mind I decided to create a balance by dedicating one day of every week to fighting back! Fighting against government corruption, the control of our lives by giant corporations, the hypnotism of television… to shout “WAKE UP” to a world that is sleep walking it’s way to disaster.

The first of these actions are “The Protesters”.


“The Protesters” has been designed as an interactive project. More and more Protesters will take to the streets over time, and the public will be invited to create their own signs for them to carry. The Protesters become a platform for everyone to have a voice and discuss the things that concern them.
More information on how to do this will be published as the project continues.

More information on the project as a whole can be found in this radio interview


But fear not! It’s not all doom and gloom – The Protesters will also be spreading a smile, because happiness is healthy, and we need all the help we can get in this modern world of chem trails, fluoride-filled water, and nuclear disasters!

See you in the streets!

Dave the Chimp

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