EBOOK – ‘What Does Graffiti Mean Now?’

Alexandra Duncan hat ein interessantes EBOOK herausgegeben: “What Does Graffiti Mean Now?”, wir sind im Buch als einer der besten Graffiti/Street Art Webseiten gelistet (Seite 62). Abgesehen davon ist das Buch relativ gut recherchiert, die meisten Fotos sind von Alexandra selbst gemacht. Reinblättern lohnt sich.

“My name is Alexandra Duncan and I’m a PhD student in the History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture at the University of Alberta. My main research focus for over five years has been graffiti / street art, exploring its performative, site-specific qualities, and the places where it intersects with issues of gender and race, of politics and activism, of “art” and the “art world”.

What Does Graffiti Mean Now?

What Does Graffiti Mean Now? considers recent re-conceptualizations and re-visualizations of graffiti and street art, and explores the meaning of graffiti and street art in our increasingly intercultural, interconnected, techno-centric world.

This text explores several topics related to graffiti and street art, and also features many photographs that I have taken in Canada, and abroad. was selected as one of the best graffiti sites listed in this book (page 62).

The iBook can be accessed by going to this link and clicking “View in iBooks”.

If you do not have a mac or iPad, you can see a .pdf version of the book here. (This is exactly the same, except the interactive elements will not work. Basic hyperlinks (to web pages and email) will work, but hyperlinks across different sections of the document (such as the ones I use for my footnotes) will not).

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