VIDEOS – “Throwie” & “Traffic Booster” & “Domestikaction” – Graffiti Research Lab France

Drei neue Graffiti-Projekte aus dem französischen Graffiti Research Lab: Throwie, der Traffic Booster und Domestikaction

Throwie is a simple spray can add-on which allows you to use it like a “paint molotov cocktail”.
Once it hits a wall, the spray can will leak and spread out paint all over.

The Traffic Booster‘s purpose is to detect when the traffic lights switch to green and sound the horn like drivers in a hurry would do behind you. Built with Arduino, a car horn and a few electronic components (LDR, switches, relay). A project by Jerome Saint-Clair and Antoine Bonnet, for the GRL FR

Hacking various robots and tools to be used with painting or ink.

via rebel:art

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