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Das französische Regulate Fanzine widmet sich vorwiegend Tags und T-ups. Anlässlich, der bald erscheinenden dritten Ausgabe, haben wir den Jungs ein paar Fragen gestellt und ein paar Antworten bekommen.
Wem der Blog von den Jungs zusagt, kann das ganze auch hier in limitierter und gedruckter Form erwerben.

– Who is REGULATE? Tell us something about the vision behind it?! What is the Background of you guys?

We four guys from different horizons, currently settled in Toulouse, SouthWest France. We have all several backgrounds but we like the same thing : Street ! Graffiti gamers for many years and fanzines’ adeptes, we wanted to show our visions of handstyle in all its forms. The fanzine content is exclusively consisted of pictures we, or friends of us, took at each trip.
Street Daily Routine !

– Why did you decide for the classic way? Which “magic” does print have for you?

We appreciated fanzines since a while and we liked Ratmilk works for example : when you buy a fanzine, you get an unic stuff ! So,
We finally planned to print a small edition from our pics.
We want to go out names already present everywhere. Discontent by graffiti magazines, we would create a great content only turned to street spirit : Handstyles and no blabla…

– Is the REGULATE content on Toulouse aligned?

Pictures are from our respective trips we did : Paris, New York, Montreal, Berlin,Bruxelles, Lyon,… Friends help us in this daily work ! Pictures pool is always under feeding. Sure, we put some goodies from Toulouse in Regulate.

– In the 2nd edition, the focus is clear on tags and T-ups. Was it also in issue 1 and will this always be your focus?

1st issue was the first experience, maximum of pictures turned on throwies, handstyles, trucks, streets. Brut, sometimes messy.
2nd one was more refined. We make efforts on layout and tags selection.
3rd one is really a compromise between both firsts + special layouts. Soon !

– What are your plans for the future and the release of issue 3?

We are focused on many projects as develop new models of Tshirts or do some collabs…
Issue 3 should be out in June. Stay stunned about all news by our Facebook Page or Tumblr.
We are on movies project based on collabs.

– Which city would you like to travel and why?

Go, or return, to Berlin, Lisbonne, Barcelone, all 4, for shooting, chilling, having good time with foreign streets and eating dope local meal.
Farther, We would like to discover Californian cities as LA or San Francisco

– Which french graffiti artists should we watch out in 2014?

Sonic has always our favors. We’ve also met some great “Yougo” or “Zealba” handstyles.


Thank you to focus on project as ours and make this interview.
We really like to come in Germany, especially Berlin, to live good vibes.

Thanks to regulate followers.
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