CROWDFUNDING – 20 years of Backjumps

BACKJUMPS plant dieses Jahr mehrere Events und Aktionen zum 20jährigen Jubiläum! Das etwas passiert steht fest, in welchem Umfang entscheidet letztendlich der Erfolg der Crowdfunding Aktion auf Indiegogo, also wer ein paar Cent über hat rein damit, es lohnt sich!

20 years of Backjumps -Festival of urban communication in Berlin!

Backjumps, the platform for urban communication and aesthetics, turns 20 this year. We want to celebrate this awesome anniversary with you by throwing an truly unique festival in Berlin and for Berlin!

Our plan: We want to invite as many artists from all over the world to Berlin, create a great variety of workshops, tours and art exhibitions – and thus present a unique mix and showing which is free and accessible to anyone.

We need your support to organize 20 years of Backjumps – Festival of urban communication in Berlin!

What is Backjumps?
“What started out as a fanzine covering the aerosol painting scene went on to become – through “The Live Issue” – the reference point for group exhibitions, covering the art that we see all around our cities.

Adrian Nabi has been at the genesis of this project. He is more than just a street art trendsetter: by bringing influential artists like Banksy, Os Gemeos or Shepard Fairey to Berlin, his shows and exhibitions became milestones in the ever-evolving urban communications scene.

Backjumps is an indoor, outdoor and interactive event, spanning the connections between visual art, digital and interactive installations, as well as performance art in the form of dance for example. Artwork has been produced within gallery walls as well as chosen sites in the surrounding neighborhood of Kreuzberg.

Though he may have been shunned and overlooked by the players who jumped on the bandwagon, you can ask anybody in the who’s who of the scene and they will confirm the importance and relevance that Backjumps has had. The Kunstraum Kreuzberg, in the heart of Berlin, has been the venue for all of the six Live Issue events from 2003 until 2012 as well as a special Tokyo installment in 2005, which Adrian curated in celebration of the year of German culture.

Here are just some of the prominent names which have been part of either the magazine, subsequent fanzine or of the group shows:

Banksy, Blu, Brad Downey, Delta, Futura, Jay One, JR, Henry Chalfant, Martha Cooper, NUG & Pike, Os Gemeos, Rammellzee, Shepard Fairey, Skki, Swoon, Zevs

These are just some of the more well known names, though there are obviously many more from Berlin, Europe, and the rest of the world.”

— Mode2, 2014

What is going to happen?
There will be a 8 week art show from 30th of august until 26th of october at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien.

Invited artists include:

Since we celebrate the 20th anniversary, we will also take the chance to take a unique look back on the past years and shows by featuring selected pieces and stories from the extensive Backsjumps archive.

Next to the major exhibition at the Kustraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien,we have ample plans for more events, workshops, exhibitions, screenings, performance art we want to bring to the streets of Berlin – and they can only be realised with your help!

What you will support!
Our goal is to create a never seen before festival celebrating the art of urban communication which will be free for anybody. We will need your support for the following events and actions:

1. More space for more artists
We have a multitude of great artists on our invitation list, but to actually show all them, we will need more space. This includes:

actions outside on the streets of Kreuzberg as well as
showcases inside exhibition spaces
workshops, performances, panels, etc.

You will help us finance the rent, gallery attendants and travel/accommodation/material for the artists.

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