INTERVIEW – Atom & Besser – Sneaker Freaker

SNEAKER FREAKER hat sich im Rahmen der ‘Montana x Sneaker Freaker Infrared spray can colab’ mit MC und Graffitikünstler ATOM (SUK, Too Strong) und Niko aka Besser unterhalten. Das komplette Interview mit Fotos gibt´s hier auf


You guys are from the Ruhr area, which was highly influential to the German hip hop scene. Tell us more from the earlier days.

Lars: We never really planned to change anything – it just happened by itself. In the city of Dortmund, there were two groups with five people each who were really big in the train painting scene. In ’96, I was standing at a train station and saw nothing but painted trains on each platform. That’s when I realised that we had accomplished a piece of graffiti history. Americans, Australians, the whole of Europe suddenly came to Dortmund. Every city, every area has its time. That went on until 98 or 99, then others got their turn. At the time I was unemployed – I had nothing better to do than organise some cans and going out to spray at night. I lived in Dortmund’s northern town, for 200 Deutsche Mark a month, no heating, one and a half rooms, one of them was filled with spray cans… we just did it.

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