TRAILER – ‘Stockholm Sabotage’

Back on the Frontline – aus der schwedischen Hauptstadt wird ein Film namens ‘Stockholm Sabotage’ angekündigt mit ca 60 Minuten exklusiven Material!Wir sind gespannt!

From the first day we started this project our intention has been to produce something in high resolution, quality actions and 100% Stockholm trains. We left the crappy mobile videos and still sitting cameras at home. 😉

This also meant a lot more planning for every action, but also being more cautious and thinking about the next step in a very sneaky Stockholm with the vandal squad around the corner.

And now after 2 years of filming, we finally present to you a sneak peak of the upcoming movie Stockholm Sabotage. We hope you enjoy watching this as much as we did filming and thanks for your support!

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