MURAL ART – SATone in Indien

Der Münchener SATONE war kürzlich in Indien und hat mit traditionellen Filmplakat-Malern eine Wand in der Stadt Chennai umgesetzt. Text und Bilder via Mail:


This arresting mural in Chennai, India, does more than just bring together two very different styles. It also unites two completely diverse painting techniques, two cultures and two histories. With intricate details, the mural painted by SatOne and M.P. Dhakshana is the result of the first collaboration between an urban artist with a traditional Indian film hoarding painter. Set in the frame of a project organised by the local Goethe-Institut and curated by Georg Zolchow, the two artists worked on a common wall. In a workshop SatOne and M.P. Dhakshana chose to create a fictitious film poster titled ‘Curiosity’. This theme was interpreted by each artist in his own unique style, with each taking a individual path, yet finding ways to merge the styles into one piece of art. This is the first step towards a movement of urban art in Chennai, which is currently rare. However, public spaces have been dominated for decades by the art of these often nameless film hoarding painters, who created massive hoardings that coloured the city for decades. Since the late 90s these striking paintings are disappearing. Meanwhile the interest in urban art is noticeably increasing as India’s young seek new creative outlets. In this sense the painting of SatOne and M.P. Dhakshana is not just an homage to the hoarding painters, but also a landmark as it’s the first significant urban art project in the region. This remarkable wall is also a visual announcement: By early next year, a bigger urban art festival will take place in Chennai.









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