PARIS – ‘I´m Not A Real Artist’ – Phosphor SPY Mural


Der spanische Künstler SpY (einigen vielleicht noch bekannt als Graffitkünstler Mambo) hat in Paris mal wieder eine super Arbeit abgeliefert. Im 13ten Distrikt der französischen Hauptstadt nimmt er auf einer großen Wand und der für ihn typischen ironischen Art und Weise Bezug auf Keith Arnatt´s “Trouser – Word Piece” (‘I’M A REAL ARTIST’) aus dem Jahr 1972. Und fragt so nach der Rolle der heute so präsenten urbanen Künstler im öffentlichen Raum, mit Phosphor und gut lesbar: I’M NOT A REAL ARTIST | Nuit Blanche | Paris – France 2014

“The statement “I’M NOT A REAL ARTIST” is painted on the party wall of a building in the city of Paris.The letters were painted with phosphorescent paint which were illuminated throughout the day by natural light as well as during the night by spotlights placed in front of the wall. Once the letters were fully charged, the magic occurred at night fall when the phrase was illuminated brightly on its own.

Trouser - Word Piece 1972-89 by Keith Arnatt 1930-2008

This piece is inspired by the “Trouser – Word Piece” produced by the artist Keith Arnatt in 1972, where he is photographed on a street with a sign hanging around his neck which read: “I’M A REAL ARTIST”. The image of Arnatt is accompanied by a fragment of the works of “sense and perception” in
which the philosopher J.L Austin argued that in order to try and work out what something is one has to first find out what it isn’t. In this instance, what is a real artist? A simple satirical question which questions what is real nature. “SpY” takes this hesitation and turns it into a def inite denial, questioning in an ironic way the role of urban artists in the world of art and in society. Thus he invites his own colleagues to reflect upon the exploitation undergone by urban artists, machinated by new gentrification strategies.

This piece was commissioned by “Nuit Blanche 2014” in the district 13 of Paris, an evening when the city is open to artistic creations for people to enjoy in the public space.”

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