PRESSE – CBS Videobericht über ACAB-Graffiti in Los Angeles

Schon vor einem Monat veröffentlichte der US-amerikanische Fernsehsender CBS einen Videobericht über ein ausgeschriebenes ACAB-Graffiti an einer Schallschutzmauer in Hollywood / Los Angeles.

Wirklich sehr unterhaltsam zu sehen, mit welcher Ernsthaftigkeit die amerikanischen Journalisten an die Sache gehen. Lollywood…

Massive Anti-Police Message Spray-Painted Above 101 Freeway In Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD ( — A giant anti-police message spray-painted above one of the Southland’s busiest freeways has prompted outrage from drivers and officers alike.

The stenciled and shaded graffiti was put up above the southbound lanes of the 101 Freeway near Vine Street in Hollywood.

As CBS2’s Peter Daut reports, the large graffiti display was seen by drivers Wednesday, but police and Caltrans were unaware of it until contacted by CBS2.
“That’s awful! They should never have wrote that about cops,” said Chase Ahl, a motorist.
Los Angeles police Officer Jack Richter told Daut the city spends tens of millions of dollars each year to clean up graffiti.

But, he says, this message is unusual both in size and subject. “It’s very offensive to me as a police officer,” he said. Richter says whoever sprayed the words will face felony vandalism charges “You want to be an artist? Buy a canvas,” he added. The California Highway Patrol says Caltrans will remove graffiti as quickly as possible, but the cleanup is expected to cost thousands of dollars. ..den ganzen Artikel und das Video gibt´s hier.

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