BERLIN – RALLITOX – Human Sticker Projekt – Fotos & Interview

Kein Graffiti, aber auch kein klassisches Street Art: der in Berlin lebende Künstler RALLITOX fällt mit grossen Murals und ausgefallen Aktionen auf. Kürzlich mit seinem “human sticker”-Projekt, bei dem wir vor Ort waren und ein paar Fotos mitgebracht haben. Anbei noch ein kurzes Interview (auf englisch).



Hey Rallitox, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Rallitox, Im an artist from Barcelona living in Berlin since four years.

What is your usual medium you work with and why?

My work is more connected with concepts like manipulation of the human minds and the possibility of using street art to create some kind of movement that goes a bit further than just finding a good gallery or selling more. A movement connected with the no sense, absurd, chaos and the use of our thoughts as an artistic material…. All the visual mediums that can help me to spread this ideas are good for me.

What is the performance with the taped person about?

Is a serie connected with other preview works i have done before with chickens. This kind of work is not new. Im not discovering anything. Im just trying to develop the stickers and make a dissociated connection with something so different as the human beings are. Im so interested in breaking mental patterns and when the people sees this kind of work, they don’t understand why someone is being taped on a wall. For me this mental confusion is the real artwork.

Why are there always dicks in yr pictures?

Most of the people think that is related with some kind of sexual obsession, but for me is an icon that reflect perfectly the human state of mind. The hypocrisy towards a human part of the body that is considered ugly and tasteless even when more or less half of the humanity have one between their legs… In the other hand, drawing and working with dicks gives me a lot of trouble in terms of selling my art and close me so many doors in the mainstream street art scene where this ¨bad taste¨ is normally not so good represented, with the exception of some more open minded blogs or magazines. So at the end putting dicks in my art is one of the best filters I can have.

Any future plans?

I want to develop this serie and to keep creating more and more artistic confusion.






Andere Arbeiten von RALLITOX sind auf TUMBLR, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM und YOUTUBE zu finden. Bilder und Interview von JUST.

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