BERLIN – “Graffiti without Graffiti” The Grifters Ausstellung & Book Release

Seit 16.07.2015 läuft die The Grifters Ausstellung zum gleichnamigen Buchprojekt “Graffiti without Graffiti” in der Berliner Urban Spree Galerie.

Die Ausstellung läuft noch bis 31.07.2015, vor Ort gibt´s extra für die Ausstellung produzierte Bücher.


The name of the exhibition reveals the rationale behind the evolution of The Grifters. This work is a comprehensive and psychoanalytical dissection of the experiences found in the graffiti culture and lifestyle, without the graffiti itself, effectively mirroring the credo of The Grifters. This exhibition is the embodiment of something that The Grifters have been documenting and doing, for almost a decade. The highlight of this exhibition is the limited edition book “GRAFFITI WITOUT GRAFFITI”, a landmark in the saga of The Grifters, and the first project released by them as an art collective. Each artist has been challenged with a task, to use only 36 pages to show us graffiti without the ability to depict the graffiti itself. The mix of exclusive footage, confrontational illustration and sophisticated text, helps reveal the charade surrounding Graffiti culture. This book will be the closest explanation to date of what The Grifters is truly about, with a limited edition print run of only 500 copies. The book will be presented exclusively during the exhibition “GRAFFITI WITHOUT GRAFFITI” held at Urban Spree Galerie in Berlin, Germany. Save the date of 16 July 2015 at 19h and join The Grifters for this milestone exhibition and book release, where you will have the chance to meet the artists and enjoy the good vibes that The Grifters bring with them wherever they go.

From 16 to 31 July The Grifters will occupy the space of Urban Spree to expose artworks and installation to expand the story of the book – “GRAFFITI WITHOUT GRAFFITI”.
The opening night and the book release will take place on 16th from 19h, in presence of the artists, good music and barbecue in the garden of Urban Spree.



The first monograph published by the notorious collective The Grifters.

The accomplishment of a 10-year documentary practice, G.W.G. is a visual travelogue in which the collective distances itself from the traditional rough iconography associated with graffiti to focus instead on its surroundings, the landscapes, tension, observation & lifestyle. The book boldly reveals what is usually hidden to the profane.

GRAFFITI WITHOUT GRAFFITI is self-published and co-published by The Grifters and Urban Spree in a collector’s Limited Edition of only 500 signed & numbered copies, published exclusively for the exhibition at Urban Spree Galerie.

Collector edition of 500 copies, exclusively for the exhibition in Urban Spree Galerie. Numbered and signed by the artists.
200 pages offset lithography print on 170 gr paper with paperback cover, housed in special book slipcase, specially designed for the collector edition of the book.

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