SCHWEDEN – ‘4608 Vandal Week’ – VIDEO SERIE

Die Jungs vom 4608 Vandalism Team (Instagram) aus Schweden arbeiten bereits seit geraumer Zeit an einer Videoserie Namens VANDAL WEEK, kurze Clips mit schwedischen Akteuren wie der WOL Crew, Dart, der HLC Crew oder auch der JNR aus dem Norden des Landes. Der ging zuletzt online, alle bisherigen Videos in einer Übersicht gibt´s unten!

4608 Vandal Week – WOL Crew

First up is the Stockholm based unstoppable WOL crew that have a main focus on trains.

4608 Vandal Week – Spacey

This time it is the Stockholm based handstyle specialist and bomber Spacey

4608 Vandal Week – HLC Crew

This third week it is the Stockholm based hardcore HLC crew that have a scattered focus among its members but with one thing in common “RÖJJ” (create chaos).

4608 Vandal Week – Serio

This fourth week it is Serio from Stockholm. The young streetbomber who seemed to come from nowhere and suddenly was up all over. Blessing the city with extinguishers, making some of the largest tags this city has seen.

4608 Vandal Week – Dart

This 5th week it is the Stockholm based train focused Dart. Known for quality panels from both Stockholm and numerous interrails and travels.

4608 Vandal Week – 156 Crew

This 6th week we are honored to have the legendary 156 Crew to host. 156 CREW was created on 156th Street and Broadway by Jon One, Rac7 and Kyle. A crew of NYC Subway Artists from the 80’s which grew and then branched out to Europe and the rest of the world with Jon’s relocation to Paris. JonOne passed on the crew to his friend Set156 as he pursued and became successful in the Art World. Set has since pass the crew to Criz and together with Set, Jez, Snatch, and Hangman run the crew as one with the association of Chapter Prez’s in different parts of the globe and continue to keep the 156 Legacy alive and vibrant.

4608 Vandal Week – JNR Crew

This 7th week it will be JNR crew originally from the north of Sweden that hosts us. They will show how they take on painting and life between cold long winters and light summer nights with mosquitoes in the freight yard.

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